Vincent Ledvina
"The Aurora Guy"

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science communicator and educator


night sky Photographer and aurora fanatic


space physics ph.d. student at the university of alaska fairbanks


My goal is to inspire and educate others about space weather and the aurora through my photography, blog articles, and tutorial videos. 

A little bit about me

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 I’m here to share my passion for science, the natural world, and more specifically, the aurora!

I’ve been a photographer since the age of 16, inspired by a love for the outdoors.

Originally from Minnesota, I grew up watching the northern lights, with my earliest memory of the aurora on October 31, 2003 – the “Halloween Storm.”

I became passionate about space weather and photography, earning my B.S. in Physics from the University of North Dakota in May 2022.

Now, I am a Space Physics Ph.D. student at the University of Alaska-Fairbanks focusing my Thesis research on auroral beads - how they form and their relation to the substorm process.


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