Tour details:

  • $350 (solo traveler)
  • $950 flat rate for groups up to four!
  • Photos included
  • For all ages!
  • 6-9 hours
  • Pick up/drop off from Fairbanks-area hotels
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What to expect:

  1. Pickup from a hotel or Airbnb in Fairbanks 1-2 hours after sunset
  2. Drive to aurora chasing locations near Fairbanks
  3. Drive back to Fairbanks. Drop off at hotel around 2-4 am

Depending on cloud cover and auroral activity, you may travel futher away trom town. The goal of the tour is to see the northern lights, so be prepared to chase all night long! If you're a photographer, you will have lots of chances to take photos of the northern lights, and Maia will help you! Aurora portraits are included in the tour! If you are a serious photographer, we recommend booking a private tour.

Make sure to read the FAQ section below if you still have questions, or contact me!

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  • You will be guided by an expert aurora chaser and photographer.

    Maia is a full-time aurora chaser and photographer, meaning she knows how to predict and capture the aurora better than anyone else! Unlike the majority of aurora guides, she actually understands how to read and interpret space weather data, and she uses this knowledge to maintain a high success rate of seeing the lights on her tours. If you have a question about the science of the aurora, I've also prepared Maia with free copies of my Beginner's Guide to Aurora Chasing which will help you become more educated how the aurora is formed and can be forecasted.

  • Enjoy a more personal experience under the aurora.

    Capped at three guests per night (with the exception of group bookings which can accomodate up to four people), Maia's tours are small and personal. This means you will get the attention you deserve, and Maia will take time capturing the best portraits of you underneath the lights. Many aurora tours cram 10-20 people in vans, and while this allows for large-scale operations, it can leave you feeling like an ant in an ant farm with no personalized attention. As part of a small group with Maia, you'll be able to move around more quickly to find clear skies and have a more enjoyable experience.

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Guided by a professional

Maia is an insured and certified guide, and you will feel safe and comfortable chasing the lights with her! As a full-time aurora chaser and photographer, she knows the more spots for aurora viewing and photography than even some of the most experienced guides. She has even seen more auroras than me, and I often rely on her field reporting to inform my followers about aurora visibility in Fairbanks. I am stoked to be promoting Maia's tours and offering you all one of the best experiences you could book to see the northern lights here in Alaska.

If you have any questions about Maia's tours, don't hesitate to contact me, but don't wait to book, her calendar is filling up FAST!

September and October 2024 are almost completely sold out, so make sure to book now or you may miss out all together!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the booking process?

You will reserve the dates you want a tour then payment will be collected after the tour. You may cancel the tour up to 24 hours before the night of your booking.

What if it's looking cloudy the day of the tour?

Maia is looking at the forecast just like you are, but it takes a local to be able to interpret cloud cover. Apps like Apple Weather, Weatherbug, and AccuWeather are not reliable in Fairbanks. If it looks too cloudy for an aurora tour, Maia will cancel and you will be placed on a waitlist for the next available tour slot.

What is your refund policy?

Tours are non-refundable, but we will not send you out unless there is a good chance of seeing the aurora. If it's clear, there is an almost 100% chance of seeing the lights.

What should I bring?

Bring warm clothes, snacks, handwarmers, and water. Optionally, bring a headlamp, camera, tripod, and any props for photos!