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E-Book: My Top Aurora Chasing Locations near Fairbanks, Alaska

E-Book: My Top Aurora Chasing Locations near Fairbanks, Alaska

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My Top Aurora Chasing Locations near Fairbanks, Alaska

This 21-page e-book reveals my TOP aurora chasing locations near Fairbanks, Alaska. Knowing where to go to chase the aurora is key to a good experience. For each location, I provide detailed viewing and photography tips and at the end of the e-book, I include an annotated Google Maps list with all locations linked.

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Customer Reviews

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Michelle L
Awesome e-book that is super helpful for aurora chasing!

I spent 4 nights in Fairbanks in March of 2024, and Vincent’s e-book was so so helpful. The e-book has many locations in and around Fairbanks, has photos of those locations so you have an idea of what your aurora “view” will look like, and puts those locations into google maps so you can easily drive to them when you begin your aurora chase. I used the e-book primarily to compare the aurora viewing locations on google maps to the forecasted cloud coverage for the night on and was able to pinpoint a few locations that would not be within the clouds. This worked like a charm, and I was able to see the aurora. If you are unfamiliar with Fairbanks, this book is essential to find the best spots to view the aurora if you are chasing on your own, and I would highly recommend it for your stay in Fairbanks!

Jonathan House
Aurora Guy saved our Fairbanks visit

During a last minute trip up to Fairbanks to hunt the aurora we purchased a copy of this ebook that proved invaluable in finding great shooting locations. Vincent was great about providing extra resources, like weather tracking sites that allowed us to put ourselves in a great spot to capture amazing aurora!

Misty Eaton
We saw amazing auroras thanks to the Aurora Guy!

I started following the Aurora Guy over a year ago! Once I decided to check seeing the aurora off my bucket list, I downloaded his free Beginners Guide. I used this to plan the where and when of our trip. He even answered some of my questions along the way. Once we booked our March 9-15th trip to Fairbanks I purchased his Chasing Locations E-Book and was not disappointed. We didn’t want to be committed to a tour every night so we did a mix of tours and chasing on our own. This book was great at giving us locations based on how far we wanted to drive and where we could move depending on clouds. How maintained the roads were which was super helpful to this California family that NEVER drives in the snow. We saw our first aurora at one of his suggested sights but as he mentioned it was a little crowded. We had the most amazing aurora viewing night and got some fantastic photos at another one of the suggested sites. Thank you for helping me cross seeing the aurora off my bucket list!


Such a fun gift. Gave it to my husband along with the mug for Christmas before we headed to Fairbanks to chase auroras over New years.

Renee Teel
Get this e-book now!

Some really great info in here! Must read before you book tours!